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Reblogged: History Carnival 157: Anything but Brexit

Originally posted on the many-headed monster:
Brodie Waddell If you’re in Britain and reading a history blog, you’ve probably spent most of the last week thinking about Brexit, reading about Brexit, and arguing about Brexit. I’m sure at least some…

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Farewell, Blogger

Yes, it’s time to move on. Early Modern Notes has a new home at (DON’T use the link given in a previous post. It won’t work any more.) There will be no more new postings here. Please go over … Continue reading

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How not to address adult literacy problems…

Now we turn to the government’s policies for adults with literacy and numeracy difficulties. Alan Wells, director of the Basic Skills Agency and a man who clearly spent many years trying to get governments to take this issue seriously, is … Continue reading

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WordPress is coming to town

This won’t excite you half as much right now as it does me, but here you will be able to find the up-coming new WP weblog powered by (drumroll…) WordPress. Unexciting for you because it’s currently just the default page … Continue reading

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Summer at the National Library of Wales

For those of you in Wales, check out the summer programme of events at NLW’s spendid new venue, DRWM. They are varied, some in Welsh and some English: films, lectures, family history events, book and poetry readings…

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What do they mean by ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees?

Here we go again. The Guardian reports on the fulminations of the chairman of the Professional Association of Teachers at its annual conference yesterday. As it’s reported, Barry Matthews, managed to throw together concerns about a) the government’s policy of … Continue reading

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Jobs and Funding Bulletin (UK)

This week’s roundup from Lecturer in History (fixed term), University of Swansea Wales. One year, from £23,643 pa. This is to cover for the absence of two members of staff during the course of the year, and I know … Continue reading

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Research notes

What follows is an example of why I love working with certain types of court records. Lately, I’ve been working my way through files largely consisting of indictments, for database-quantification purposes. Not thrilling (well, occasional flashes of interest). But now … Continue reading

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