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PhD Help!

I want to paste the following from the comments at the last post here so that they aren’t just hidden away there, to add to the various posts I’ve done before on getting into PhD research. I think it might … Continue reading

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The final hurdle: getting through the PhD viva

The PhD viva (oral defence of the thesis) is the final rite of passage for PhD students in Britain and elsewhere (although I get the impression that it doesn’t happen in the US at the very end, but there are … Continue reading

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This post is for three main groups of people, primarily in history but also in other humanities (and possibly social science) disciplines: MA students applying for PhD funding (in the UK where a PhD is all about research from the … Continue reading

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Funding postgraduate study and research in history

As a follow-up (though later than intended) to earlier posts about doing a PhD and MA courses, this is about how to go about acquiring the financial wherewithal to do your post-grad and post-doc study and research – or at … Continue reading

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Planning to do a PhD in history?

I sometimes get emails from prospective history PhD students seeking advice. This seemed a good time of year to gather together and set out some of my usual responses in a post. NB: What follows is geared specifically to the … Continue reading

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