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(To clarify: this is the view west, over Cardigan Bay, from my window here in Aberystwyth. Regular long-time visitors will have seen the view a few times, but I don’t think I’ve posted one of Aber’s pink sunsets before. They … Continue reading

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I want one of those

Voodoo Knife Display I am such a sick puppy.

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On the beach

I started to write a comment in response to Rebecca’s post about the pleasures of the beach, but as is the way with these things sometimes, it turned into something I wanted to post here. In a way, the downside … Continue reading

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Fun with Flickr

Followed the crowd and got a Flickr free account. Right now you can see some photos I took on a trip to Brighton (liked the place a lot, which shows just what sort of middle-class lefty I’ve turned into, I … Continue reading

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Summer storms

(Because I am writing this conference paper and blogging is such a good form of avoidance…) Yesterday evening there was the most spectacular thunderstorm we’ve had in quite a while. It had been building up all afternoon, really, horribly muggy. … Continue reading

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I’m not going to translate

(Largely because I can only read parts of it and might have completely misunderstood them.) But, man, it doesn’t matter if you can read it: you’ve just got to see this photo. I have a few Welsh blogs on my … Continue reading

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How old am I again?

I got me an Easter egg. All mine! All mine! dark chocolate egg But I can’t remember when I last had one. So it’s a special treat. It’s not easy to type with chocolate on your fingers, you know.

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French onion soup

Onions are good for you, right? Low in calories, lots of magic vitamins. innocent onions Well…

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