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‘British Day’

So our leader-in-waiting wants Remembrance Sunday to become ‘British Day’, modelled on US Fourth of July celebrations. All I can say is: he can try to manufacture a national day if he wants, and I’m not opposed in principle (though … Continue reading

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The new virtual To Read pile

So I read eb’s comments on new forms of online-database serendipity (made in response to this post at Cliopatria).* You might remember that I posted about RSS feeds for e-journals last week. Now, I’ll check out the TOCs for several … Continue reading

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Nothing new

Nearly forgot this. That annoying twit Simon Hoggart had this to say last week: One sign of the infantilisation of our national life is the growing tendency to anthropomorphise inanimate objects. Blackpool buses which are not picking up passengers say: … Continue reading

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The Telegraph on what it means to be British

I may or may not edit this post over the weekend. I have a feeling I should write something about The Telegraph’s poll on British identity (and some other articles and stuff). But when you start by reading the line … Continue reading

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Belatedly on Tribble

And this is all I intend to say on the matter of Tribble v Academic Bloggers (the subject of much controversy over the last couple of weeks, for anyone who didn’t already know; catch up here, if you’re really bothered). … Continue reading

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What a time…

To be away from your internet connection and your TV. At 8.50am Thursday morning I was on a train somewhere in mid-Wales on my way to a conference in Oxford on… violence. Getting into Birmingham just after 10.30, the only … Continue reading

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Academics and their big words

Robert Fisk has a column in today’s Independent; unfortunately it’s one you have to pay to read online. So no link. (*UPDATE* I found a free access version at Fisk’s website. So you can read and decide for yourselves whether … Continue reading

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Am I reaching out?

I’ve just read this piece in the Guardian. It talks about the need for academics to engage with people outside academia, to reach out to the wider public. So it got me thinking again about what I do in this … Continue reading

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