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Save Us From Carousels

I ranted on Twitter a while ago about the fad for auto-rotating carousels, sliders, changing images, and whatever, on homepages for academic and cultural sites. Quite a few people seemed to agree with me. Well, the nasty things have not … Continue reading

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When swearing goes bad

There is this unintentionally (I think) hilarious article in the Times Online about swearing. One of my favourite topics! What makes it funny, first off? All of the swearwords have been asterisked out. And then, I always have to giggle … Continue reading

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Degrees and non-degrees

Yes, it’s that time of year again! (And I haven’t written on the topic lately so I’m not bored with it yet.) [Update: but I am bored with looking at it now so most of it’s going under the fold … Continue reading

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Digital history and the archives: loss or gain?

The NYT has an interesting article on progress in digitisation of historical sources, and the gaps being left behind (reg. required) (h-t). It contains an argument, though, that I have some nagging doubts about: that, as more sources are digitised, … Continue reading

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But these things are not the same

A libertarian argues that The left has been infected by the disease of intolerance (as if (a) the left has in the past been some kind of free-for-all, and (b) the right is such a shining beacon of tolerance). Free … Continue reading

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Updating ‘modernity’

From my mailbox today: Futhark is a new journal dedicated to the publication of scholarly studies based on premodern texts (prior to 1945) from a humanistic perspective, though not necessarily philological. Dunno, I always thought that ‘premodern’ meant before 1800 … Continue reading

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Bad history and the historian

I’ve been reflecting on what Ahistoricality said in the Carnival of Bad History …Yes, I’m complaining: the number of independent submissions from the historical blogosphere was pitiful, in spite of the publicity I got from some of the best-read bloggers … Continue reading

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Quiz for historians

Spot the error in the argument of this post at Crooked Timber on The traditionality of modernity. I’m trying to remember if this is one that turns up in Fischer’s Historian’s fallacies… If you don’t get it straightaway, I’ve left … Continue reading

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