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T’internets in 2001 – get a blast from the past!

Take a look at Google, January 2001. (H-T) I was still a PhD student. I had a website, but it wasn’t at this domain and it was a bit rubbish. (All static HTML and barely a drop of CSS in … Continue reading

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Spoofing teh Internets

The Internet is now in Handy Book Form! It’s quite funny too. Mac devotees should check out the Schmapple store. All products available in these shades: 1. Incredible White 2. Fantabulous White 3. Virginal White 4. Snow White 5. Cyphocilus … Continue reading

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On the other hand

Apparently Elton John wants to Just Say No to the entire Internet. The source is the Scum, so he probably never said anything of the sort, but can any of us even begin to imagine the idea? (I’d be out … Continue reading

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The Strange Death of Bookmarks?

Seriously – I realised earlier today that I hardly ever use the Bookmarks folder in my browser these days, except for the handful I keep in the quick find tab straight above the browser screen and an even smaller handful … Continue reading

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Weekend reading

The Toynbee convector “is a kind of dialogue with, or interrogation of, a half-forgotten and rather unfashionable master”, Arnold Toynbee, primarily through his own words. There are a lot of ’em. Harvard is introducing teaching reforms. Russell Jacoby isn’t impressed … Continue reading

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Weekend reading

For those thinking of taking it up, the Guardian has a guide to doing family history. (Anybody who wants it is welcome to my paper copy, since I’m not likely to use it…) Digital history in the 21st century, from … Continue reading

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Sunday reading

The first book event at The Long Eighteenth, a discussion of Michael McKeon’s Secret History of Domesticity, has been highly successful: it started with several fine posts and has been enhanced by a thoughtful response from the author and a … Continue reading

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Sunday browsing

I’ve just noticed the BBC’s UK Local History Legacies website. Lots of yummy goodness. I don’t tend to pore over the Guardian’s Face to Faith column, but yesterday it profiled Thomas Helwys, a founder of Baptism and early 17th-century champion … Continue reading

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