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Ten Years of Blogging

… and I never did manage to come up with a more imaginative name for the blog. So, what did blogging do for me? It brought me a lot of new friends and acquaintances who taught me many new things; … Continue reading

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Carnivalesque 100: the World We Have Lost/Gained edition

I started blogging in about May 2004, near the end of the early phase of the history of blogging, although the history blogosphere and academic blogging was very much in its infancy. The very first blog carnival (begun 2002, I … Continue reading

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Digital history blogs

I compiled a quick list very recently for someone who was looking for introductions to digital history and people doing digital history work. And having done it, I thought I might as well share it. Firstly: in one respect, this … Continue reading

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Happy 10th Birthday WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress since 31 July 2004 (I wouldn’t remember myself, but the archives are there to tell me so), which was something like v1.5. It’s hard to express just how important it’s been to me during that time. … Continue reading

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Academic blogging: pleasure and credit

I was asked a question a few months ago about how we could go about giving academics more scholarly recognition and credit for blogging, and I realised how ambivalent I feel about this. On the one hand, I would love … Continue reading

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History of Crime Blogs

Think of this as the “more hack, less yack” post. I’m putting together an aggregator for history of crime/justice/punishment blogging: The New Newgate Calendar I’ll do more later and add a form for people to submit more blogs and so … Continue reading

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Carnivalesque: Transitions and Meetings

Welcome to the 92nd edition of Carnivalesque! A New Year brings a new look to Carnivalesque: from now on carnival editions will cover everything from ancient history to early modernity. This change was brought about by practical considerations; we simply … Continue reading

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History Blogging Awards 2013

Older citizens of the history blogosphere will remember the Cliopatria Blogging Awards, which ran from 2005-2011. Some of us are looking to launch a new set of history blog awards, and I offered to host them over at The Broadside. … Continue reading

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