Women’s History Month 2017: Early Modern Women’s Voices

For Women’s History Month this year I’m doing a series of posts highlighting primary sources of women’s writings and voices (in English or translated into English) between the 16th and early 19th centuries. There will be autobiographical writings, letters, archival sources. Some may be familiar, others (hopefully!) less so; wherever possible the sources will be freely available online (though they may be in less than satisfactory editions).

The first will appear tomorrow (no spoilers, but anyone who knows me won’t be too surprised by the subject…), and then there’ll be a post every two or three days – should be about a dozen in total. I’ll finish up the month with a round-up of women and sources I found which I liked but didn’t quite make it into the series. (They’ll be tagged whm17.)

If you think that women’s history is something to be celebrated every month, I agree! But I like to do something extra in March, because it gives me an opportunity to seek out and share new online resources, and find women (and historians writing about women) who I didn’t know about before. And if you want more, you could:

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