Happy 10th Birthday WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress since 31 July 2004 (I wouldn’t remember myself, but the archives are there to tell me so), which was something like v1.5. It’s hard to express just how important it’s been to me during that time. With WordPress I first learned about  MySQL databases; it gave me my first experiences of hacking PHP code; it was where I started properly using CSS. (Oh, and it also provided my first experience of having a website hacked. Hey, we live and learn.)

I moved this blog over to wordpress.com a couple of years ago (in part to stop me spending more time faffing around making it pretty than I spent actually writing on it), but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped using self-hosted WP. Far from it. I’ve hand-coded websites from scratch, partly because I wanted to learn how to do it, partly because sometimes WP is overkill if you only want a simple site, but WP is still my go-to for setting up a more complex CMS.

This has all been possible not simply because WP is open source software, but also because from its earliest days it’s had great documentation that’s intelligible to people who don’t already know how to programme, and it’s had the friendliest software support forums I have encountered anywhere. Bar none. The whole ethos, the community buit around it, not just the code, has always been open.

Thank you for everything, WordPress and here’s to the next 10 years.

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