Carnivalesque 2013

Early in 2012, Carnivalesque recruited a new Co-ordinator to help with the Ancient/Medieval editions. Hannah has done a wonderful job and it’s been really great to have her on board.

However, despite her efforts, it’s continued to be extremely difficult to recruit hosts (and get nominations) for the Ancient/Medieval editions of the carnival. With this in mind, we are making some important changes for 2013.

We will no longer hold separate ancient/medieval and early modern editions: each edition will cover the full range from ancient history to the late 18th century.

We’ll aim to have at least two hosts per year whose main interests are ancient/medieval, but this won’t be to a fixed schedule.

For 2013, we plan to have 8 editions at roughly 6-7 week intervals. Provisional dates (all Saturdays; but please note this is all quite flexible):

  • 19 January
  • 9 March
  • 27 April
  • 8 June 
  • 27 July 
  • 7 September
  • 26 October
  • 7 December

If you’d like to host an edition, get in touch! Contact info is available at the website, leave a comment below, or just send a tweet @CesqueHC

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