Carnivalesque: seeking an assistant Ancient/Medieval Co-ordinator

Carnivalesque is looking for someone to help with running ancient/medieval editions every other month. This would mainly involve finding hosts and assisting with publicity. Could you help?

The Carnival’s resident medievalist has been unable to participate much lately because of work pressures, and my own expertise is largely early modern (I’m particularly ignorant when it comes to the pre-medieval blogosphere), so I think that side of the Carnival has been a bit neglected.

The role won’t take up much time, but the main commitments will be:
1. publicity for upcoming editions. They are usually scheduled for weekends in the second half of the month, and the main publicity work starts up to a couple of weeks beforehand, in addition to promoting the edition after it’s posted. You may also need to help with finding material for editions from time to time, if there’s a shortage of nominations.
2. recruiting hosts for future editions. We usually try to keep at least a couple of editions ahead by placing regular calls for hosts, but sometimes you may need to actively recruit/cajole/armtwist if there aren’t any volunteers.

Novice hosts in particular are likely to look to you for support and guidance.

Therefore, you need to have good knowledge of quality blogging about the ancient and medieval world and plenty contacts with bloggers. You don’t necessarily have to be an academic or student but you probably will be, or have been, a blogger yourself. You should be familiar with blog carnivals, and ideally you’ll have experience of hosting.

If interested, please get in touch – leave a comment below, tweet me @sharon_howard or use the contact form.

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