Old Bailey and Zotero

This should be of interest to many users of the Old Bailey Proceedings, especially teachers and researchers: you can now use the ‘one-click’ function in Zotero to bookmark documents on the site – when browsing, you’ll see the Zotero icons appear in the browser address bar.

It definitely works for single trials, full sessions and Ordinary’s Accounts, saving the key metadata for the page; it may also work in non-trial sections of sessions (adverts, supplementary material, etc), but I haven’t checked this. It also works from search results (but not stats and map searches); it’ll bring up a list of all the results on the page with checkboxes to save as many or few as you want.

(I believe that Adam Crymble should get the credit for writing the translator, but will happily correct this if I’m wrong!)

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4 Responses to Old Bailey and Zotero

  1. Louise Falcini says:

    I thoroughly recommend using Zotero, it’s an excellent tool for collecting and organising digital resources. Will the same be made available for London Lives?

  2. Sharon Howard says:

    I hope so, Lou. It’s a matter of someone writing a translator – I’ve been looking at the documentation to see how difficult it would be.

  3. Adam Crymble says:

    Sure, happy to take the credit. :)

    That feature has been available on the Old Bailey Website since 2008 and should continue to work as long as the site isn’t redesigned.


  4. Sharon Howard says:

    None of us had noticed till I spotted it last month! *doh* (I actually assumed someone had done it for the Digging into Data project…)

    Thanks Adam. :)

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