London Lives

At last it’s official, and the work I started in Sheffield in 2006 (yikes!) is almost complete:

London Lives 1690-1800 is open for business.

There are more than 200,000 pages of manuscript material from parish, criminal justice and hospital records, transcribed and marked up for searching in the same way as the Old Bailey Proceedings Online. Plus the 18th-century Proceedings and Ordinary’s Accounts and a group of additional datasets.

The emphasis is on searching for people (although there is also a keyword search) and on nominal record linkage, to facilitate writing the biographies of ordinary and extraordinary 18th-century Londoners.

We’ve started some biographies for you. We’ve also written extensive background material and information about the project itself.

Oh, and next week we’re holding a conference at the University of Hertfordshire to mark the launch.

Do go and explore for yourselves.

2 thoughts on “London Lives”

  1. Nearly forgot – there’s an article on the site in the Observer today. We don’t think this will have the same pulling power as OBP, but if the site gets slow/falls over in the next day or so, please bear with us…

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