Patricia Crawford

Sad news: Patricia Crawford has died.

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2 Responses to Patricia Crawford

  1. Janice says:

    How sad. I was first introduced to her work when I was a M.A. student, working as a grading assistant in a course on early modern women’s history. What a revelation!

    I assign one of her articles every year in my senior seminars (this winter term it was “Charles Stuart: That Man of Blood”) and students comment on the clarity of her language and arguments. I am, at least, heartened to know that we’ll have one more of her books to appear.

  2. Sharon says:

    My first close encounter was the Attitudes to Menstruation article, during an MA course module on gender and the body. In that particular context, I think it was a bit harder to appreciate how remarkable and ground-breaking it was (it was just normal to read stuff about blood and bodily gunk and sex and orifices in that course – one of the best I took anywhere, ever, and largely to blame for much of what I’ve done since), but even so it was an eye-opener. I should grab it off Jstor and read it again.

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