Cricket Notes

1. A complaint from the grand jury at the Middlesex Quarter Sessions, 7 April 1733:

We the Grand Inquest having from time to time Observed divers loose Idle and dissorderly Persons to Assemble in a certain place called Moorfields there behaving themselves in a very loose Idle and dissorderly manner by playing at Crickett tossing up half pence and in any other new invented wayes of Gaming Which we believe tends very much to the Depravation and Corruption of youth and Good manners And especially by Booths being Continually erected in Moorfields aforesaid Doe present the same as very great Grievances and hope this Court will [use?] such Methods to suppresse the same as they in their great Wisdoms shall think fitt

2. Eleven great songs about cricket (and more in the comments), inspired by Neil Hannon‘s new project The Duckworth Lewis Method. ‘Jiggery Pokery’: the best cricket song written from the perspective of Mike Gatting, ever. “How such a ball could be bowled I don’t know but, if you ask me, if it had been a cheese roll it would never have got past me”.

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2 Responses to Cricket Notes

  1. Lou says:

    I kind of don’t want to be picky but Middlesex don’t have Quarter Sessions as such, they were permitted by virtue of the act of 14 Hen. VI c.4 to hold only 2 sessions per year, however as you know usually held 8. Sessions of the Peace and of Oyer and Terminer were held on consecutive days or possibly intermingled depending on the business to be transacted. Sorry – I have this Middlesex Court thing burned into my brain…….. (I know it’s sad)

  2. Sharon says:

    Oops. My bad. I keep forgetting that Middlesex is different…

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