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Visualization and FlowingData

Data Visualization is one of the most exciting growth areas on the web. Who wasn’t captivated by Wordle and blown away by this graph of Box Office Receipts 1986-2008? So one of my favourite new blog discoveries is FlowingData. Where … Continue reading

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Old Bailey Proceedings 2.0

Well, it’s been up for a few weeks now (I meant to post about it over Christmas. Strangely, that didn’t happen…) – we’ve launched a new community wiki for users of the Old Bailey Proceedings. The wiki is intended as … Continue reading

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Who writes Wikipedia?

Who the hell writes Wikipedia anyway? asks Henry Blodget. (H-T.) Jimmy Wales has asserted that Wikipedia is overwhelmingly the work of a fairly small core Wikipedia community. But it seems that’s only true if you count numbers of edits. If … Continue reading

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Good Digital Things for a New Year

Back to work on Monday. Bah. Do not want. Apart from that, Happy New Year everyone! Sarah Werner’s Wynken de Worde, a fine blog with an emphasis on early modern books and reading, has won the Cliopatria History Blogging Award … Continue reading

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