Inauguration Specials

OK, so you want something really special to commemorate the big day on the 20th? How about an inauguration thong?

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2 Responses to Inauguration Specials

  1. Lou says:

    OK, I obviously wanted to post a witty comment and link in the ‘Visualization and Flowing data’ thread but what the hell, I REALLY want these pants! However my thong days are long done and thankfully I confine myself to the maximum coverage section of M&S ( well obviously not the old lady really huge ones). Anyway back to trying to figure out how to put an Old Bailey wiki entry in the correct place. And if anyone is tempted by their stuff is very good quality but you have to pay a 20% additional charge on goods coming into the UK.

  2. sharon says:

    Oh, I think this is the thread to be at. Sadly, it seems to be thongs only. You’d think they’d have a few options for the thongally-challenged, wouldn’t you?

    Email me if you can’t work out the wiki – let me know if I need to do some work on the Help pages…

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