Way too much fun

1. TV Tropes. Smart, funny, and it’s a wiki so you can add your own examples (or disagreements). Should come with a warning: go in and you may never get out again. It seems to get bigger and bigger as you get further inside. (Hat tip.)

2. Throw a shoe at George Bush. (In Norwegian but fairly easy to work out the instructions, I think.) Hee hee. Although of course I don’t condone assaults on failed politicians blah blah blah. Really, you should only ever throw squishy things at them, for maximum humiliation without physical danger. Cream pies, rotten tomatoes, eggs, etc. Presumably hard to smuggle into press conferences though. (H-T.)

Update: and if you get bored with shoe throwing there, here’s another one (in English this time). How many different versions will there be eventually, I wonder?

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