More election specials

Fortunately, the nurse has now taken out the staples* so laughing doesn’t hurt so much…

Election List VII: Bombshells the McCain Campaign Has Yet to Drop About Barack Obama
  but should we be giving them ideas?

The Nutty Conspiracy
  peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the Plot to rool the world. With graphs

Thursday miscellany: Obama’s evil hypnosis trickery
  … did I mention I was enjoying this stuff?

O’Reilly’s Electoral Map
  different from everyone else's electoral map!


* Close-up, the effect is mildly Halloweenish. I considered showing you photos. Then I decided that was a bit sick.

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One Response to More election specials

  1. zhoen says:

    Not by my standar…. oh, wait, nevermind.

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