T’internets in 2001 – get a blast from the past!

Take a look at Google, January 2001. (H-T)

I was still a PhD student. I had a website, but it wasn’t at this domain and it was a bit rubbish. (All static HTML and barely a drop of CSS in sight! Here’s the granddaddy of today’s site, believe it or not; it looks even worse than it did then. For whatever reason the archive version isn’t loading the background image and so it’s showing the background color, which is clashing nastily with the header. Why I thought that bgcolor was a good idea is anybody’s guess.)

And I didn’t have an internet connection at home. (My grey brick of a laptop didn’t even have a modem.) Fortunately, the university facilities were pretty good. But how did I cope?

A search for early modern resources. Interesting to see what’s still going (although it might be at a different address these days) and what’s defunct or disappeared altogether.

(Which sorta reminds me of the really important piece of news this week: BÉRUBÉ’S BACK!!!)

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One Response to T’internets in 2001 – get a blast from the past!

  1. Damn! Because I sooo need more blogs to read (or feel guilty about not reading)!

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