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More election specials

Fortunately, the nurse has now taken out the staples* so laughing doesn’t hurt so much… Election List VII: Bombshells the McCain Campaign Has Yet to Drop About Barack Obama  but should we be giving them ideas? The Nutty Conspiracy  peanut butter and … Continue reading

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Slightly downsized me this week

Well, it’s been a bit quiet here lately. Recently this has been mostly because I was spending a few days as a guest of the NHS to get rid of this little bugger. (Google tells me that Youtube has some … Continue reading

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A Modern Tale of a Binge Drinker, um, Pony. A drunk pony was rescued from a swimming pool after gorging on fermented apples and falling into the water. The pony, called Fat Boy, broke in to Sarah Penhaligon’s garden in … Continue reading

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Recently noted around the web

What I’ve been reading online lately… the trolls, they are us  sometimes, everyone is wrong on the internet Yep, dis is definitivly  … teh best place Digital history and early modern studies  Mercurius Politicus on how digital sources shape an audience’s experience of … Continue reading

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Winking hell

I had been steadfastly avoiding pictures of Sarah Palin’s VP debate performance. It sounded a bit nauseating. Well, yeah. (What a thing to inflict on your unsuspecting bloggy readers on a Sunday. Evil man.) Palin could never get away with … Continue reading

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Start your predictions now

Holy crap, Mandelson’s back. So, the obvious questions. Correct predictions will definitely win a prize of some kind. (Signed photos?) 1. What scandal will get him chucked out this time? 2. How long will it take? 3. Or will he … Continue reading

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Silly name, fab album

My copy of Vampire Weekend arrived this morning. Love it to bits. If, like me, you’ve missed out up till now because you were put off by the name, you can download a couple of tracks to try out here. … Continue reading

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T’internets in 2001 – get a blast from the past!

Take a look at Google, January 2001. (H-T) I was still a PhD student. I had a website, but it wasn’t at this domain and it was a bit rubbish. (All static HTML and barely a drop of CSS in … Continue reading

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