Some links for Sunday

One day I will write one of them proper post thingies…

Hubris and Hermeneutics
  Janice Liedl muses on the problems of ‘seeing the past on its own terms’

Interchange: The Promise of Digital History
  a recent conversation in JAH between historians considering the progress and future of digital history (seems to be open access… or perhaps not)

Bad Science: Don’t let facts spoil a good story
  Ben Goldacre on the misrepresentation of academic research by journalists. sometimes you just think, we're doomed…

Misery Loves Democrats
  pigs 'n' lipstick 'n' stuff

The Wonderbra ad and strict new advertising guidelines
  Charlie Brooker: "Only one thing for it: we're all going to have masturbate our way back to sanity together. Right, readers? Three … two … one … go!"

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2 Responses to Some links for Sunday

  1. Sharon says:

    I was able to look at the ‘Promise of Digital History’ piece a few days ago without being logged in via Sheffield, but not today. If anybody really, really needs to see it and doesn’t have a subscription, I might know someone who knows someone who has a PDF copy…

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