A few calls

1. CFP: Reading Conference in Early Modern Studies 2009

The next annual meeting of the Reading conference on early modern studies will be held on 6-8 July 2009, with an informal theme of ‘Authority and Authorities’. “The Reading conferences are as broadly based as possible, reflecting the most interesting developments in current research. Accordingly we welcome proposals for either complete sessions or individual papers from scholars in any discipline or any area of early modern studies, including Atlantic, European and imperial perspectives…” (Full details at the link.)

2. Guest bloggers wanted

Brandon Watson is looking for guest bloggers at his early modern history of philosophy blog Houyhnhnm Land; not necessarily history of philosophy specialists – “the posts have to be on some facet of early modern thought (or approaches thereto), but just about anything falling under that label would work. I’d love, for instance, to get historians of all kinds, literary scholars, and the like adding their two cents; I’d also love specialists from outside the early modern period looking at how later periods viewed the early modern period or how earlier periods prepared for it; and so forth.”

3. Carnivalesque and History Carnival hosts needed

I really, urgently need History Carnival hosts for November and December (1st of the month). Please email me as soon as possible if you could do one of these: sharon@earlymodernweb.org.uk.

A host is also needed for the November ancient/medieval edition Carnivalesque (same email address will do, or carnivalesque@earlymodernweb.org.uk).

Both carnivals will also need hosts next year, so if you’re too busy in the immediate future but might like to take one on later, get in touch.

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