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Ubuntu bleg

Vista. God, it sucks. And it’s installed on my second laptop. I heart my Macbook dearly, but if it dies within the next year or so I’m not sure I can really afford to replace it straight away (this is … Continue reading

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IHR postgrad seminars and History Lab

Ed has asked me to give the IHR Postgraduate Seminars (in London) and History Lab a bit of a plug. Ed is hoping to use the History Lab blog in association with the Seminars this year, to post reports and … Continue reading

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My kind of letter writer

The Department of Puritans Health has just come up with its official nine types of heavy drinker, blah blah blah. From the Graun letters page today, spotting the remarkable similarities between their document and Richard Allestree’s 1659 The Whole Duty … Continue reading

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Some links for Sunday

One day I will write one of them proper post thingies… Hubris and Hermeneutics  Janice Liedl muses on the problems of ‘seeing the past on its own terms’ Interchange: The Promise of Digital History  a recent conversation in JAH between historians considering … Continue reading

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A few calls

1. CFP: Reading Conference in Early Modern Studies 2009 The next annual meeting of the Reading conference on early modern studies will be held on 6-8 July 2009, with an informal theme of ‘Authority and Authorities’. “The Reading conferences are … Continue reading

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Quick ‘n’ dirty links (because there’s enough crap in my drafts folder as it is)

The scientist who started the MMR hoax faces the GMC – but who will hold the media to account? A fine piece by Ben Goldacre – “in MMR, journalists and editors have constructed their greatest hoax to date, and finally … Continue reading

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Digital Literary Studies: an update

A Companion to Digital Literary Studies is now online!

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