Focussed Obsessions

I have been known to say a few words about people who don’t really understand blogging presuming to hand down blogging commandments. (Let’s not even get started on the frauds popping up everywhere to tell us ‘How to Make Shitloads of Money from Blogging with My Ten Brilliant Commandments that No One Ever Thought of Before’.)

Thoughtful reflections coming out of long experience of reading blogs are another matter, so I like this list of What Makes for a Good Blog. Especially perhaps this one:

Good blogs reflect focused obsessions. People start real blogs because they think about something a lot. Maybe even five things. But, their brain so overflows with curiosity about a family of topics that they can’t stop reading and writing about it. They make and consume smart forebrain porn. So: where do this person’s obsessions take them?


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