Recently noted around the web

What I’ve been reading online lately…

Nazis do The Lambeth Walk

Back to the Futura
  the Obama poster and German modernist art

Why science writing is hard — Andrew Sullivan (and surrogates) illustrate
  "Just because a press release or a paper says something doesn’t mean you can suspend your bull-shit sensor."

Stranger Fruit: The Value of History of Science to Science Education
  how historians can contribute to better understanding of science

How to get a grant from NEH
  good advice on grant proposals (not just to NEH)

“I do not think about things I don’t think about.” « The Edge of the American West
  the 'Monkey' trial

Peter Burke, “Context in Context” « The Long Eighteenth
  On contextualising the idea of 'context'

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  1. Dave Mazella says:

    Thanks for the link, Sharon. DM

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