Four Years is a long time in Blogland

I forgot about my fourth blogiversary in June. My fourth anniversary at this location (and using WordPress) comes up at the end of July.

Some things hardly seem to have changed at all. There were presidential elections that year too. We’ll have to hope for a better result this time around.

Other things have changed a lot. So many blogs I loved in 2004 that no longer exist or are quite different now.

And there were a lot of history blogs that started up around the same time as me: happy 4th birthday to all of you who’re still plugging away!

So, is there anyone still reading who’s been here right from the beginning? (Can’t say I would blame you if you’d got bored by now…)

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One Response to Four Years is a long time in Blogland

  1. Brandon says:

    Pretty close; I have a post mentioning your Blogger address from June 21, 2004, which puts me just four days after the grand opening. It really is crazy how much things have changed since then.

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