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Raw Carnival News

For fans of the History Carnival and You can now nominate posts for the carnival by simply bookmarking and tagging them with historycarnival. They’ll appear on a special Carnival Uncooked page, to be reviewed by the upcoming host. (This … Continue reading

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Recently noted around the web

What I’ve been reading online lately… Flowchart of the week  what to do with that idea 2b or not 2b?  david crystal on txtg

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Fun was had by all

It was a splendid conference, although I think I’m too brainfried to do any serious reporting. Good to meet up with several bloggers and commenters for the first time: Bill Turkel, John Wood and Gill Spraggs, and Lou. If I’ve … Continue reading

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Interactive digital history

Well, I’m off to a conference today, in case you’d all forgotten. (I appear not to have plugged it much lately. Very remiss of me.) Below is the abstract for my paper and a few (!) links I’ve put together, … Continue reading

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The correct response

To an unreasonable request.

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Recently noted around the web

What I’ve been reading online lately… Mmm… Marginalia: The Games Medievals Play ~ Got Medieval  more medieval marginalia Poor decision on an epic scale in  … Ooops — Missed Anniversary: Darwin/Wallace edition  Thomas Levenson on the 150th anniversary History Carnival 66  join the debates! … Continue reading

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Four Years is a long time in Blogland

I forgot about my fourth blogiversary in June. My fourth anniversary at this location (and using WordPress) comes up at the end of July. Some things hardly seem to have changed at all. There were presidential elections that year too. … Continue reading

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Time for a good demolition job

This list of The Top 100 Liberal Arts Professor Blogs has been getting linked around. I’m not sure why. It is a pile of stinking poo. 1. Basic errors. It lists ‘Another Damned Medievalist’ as an ‘English’ blog. I think … Continue reading

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