Blog Bloat

Moan for the Day: I really am increasingly irritated by all the widgets and multimedia and embedded video and crap that gets added to blogs, which all tend in one direction: the blog takes longer and longer to load and hogs more and more CPU (and battery) once it’s loaded. It is not, to my mind, a good sign when a blog sends my laptop fan into overdrive dealing with a load of stuff loading in the sidebars that I have no interest in reading and youtube videos I can’t be arsed to watch. Just because you can add all that stuff doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

(It was much better in the good old days when blogs were all lean and light and it was about the fighting writing. Obviously.)

Update: I’ve upgraded to the new Lean Mean Firefox 3 Machine, which should by all accounts solve a lot of these problems. But that isn’t meant to encourage you widgety buggers, OK?

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One Response to Blog Bloat

  1. zhoen says:

    Pith Helmet. Block all plug-ins.

    I never put moving crap on my sidebar, and keep the still ones to a minimum. Like Spam Poison, for instance.

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