Toys and distractions

Sorry for the recent lack of posting. My Macbook’s hard drive died. Replacing it was easy (… once I found the right screwdriver). Ten minute job. Replacing all my favourite stuff on the hard drive? A bloody great time-sucking pain in the arse.

But at least it’s an opportunity to dump all the crap I never bothered to use, and get new stuff (OK, probably won’t use most of those either, but it’s fun). And upgrade to Leopard. (Shiny.) And it’s a much bigger drive.

PS: completely unrelated, but it keeps making me laugh hysterically, so I just have to share: The Twat-o-Tron.

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One Response to Toys and distractions

  1. Steve says:

    RE: Twat-O-Tron

    I thought I was reading Popbitch.

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