Old Bailey update: in the blogosphere

The trickle of new posts appearing in my feeds seems to have pretty much dried up now, so this is probably the final final update of links. (But if you’ve seen anything interesting by bloggers that I’ve missed, leave a comment.)

Blogs (* indicates personal favourites):

*African history in the Old Bailey? (History of Africa)

*Suffragettes and Postboxes (Transpontine)

Lags and legacies (JISC digitisation blog)

Friday hoydens: suffragettes in court (Hoyden About Town)

Old Bailey Online (geoffreyrockwell.com)

What happened at the Old Bailey? (Research Buzz)

Old Bailey records online (Slaw.ca)

Just as well they didn’t have t’internet back then (Banditry)

Tales from the Hanging Court (Metafilter)

Sarah Ellen Procter, Charged with the Murder of Charlotte Whale, 5/28/1888 (True Crime Weblog)

*Old Bailey 1674-1913 (Lawyers, Guns and Money) They like the Ordinary’s Accounts too

New Online Old Bailey (The Corridor) Cricket in the Proceedings

Old Bailey Online (The Cat’s Meat Shop)

*Old Bailey online (Vince Smith) A comparison with the Biodiversity Heritage Library

Light absorbing ovines (Ben’s Blog) People just can’t resist looking for those black sheep in the family…

Old-fashioned trademark infringements (IPblog)

Getting big publicity (Available Online)

*In the Dock (The Bioscope) Early cinemas in the proceedings

with a modest generosity (Catholic World News) When it was high treason to be a Catholic priest

XML in the service of crime (Blockhead Blog)

Not related to the launch – the research was completed using the original version of the site – but of interest anyway: ‘Deaf by God’ tried in Old Bailey records. This reports a recent article in Sign Language Studies on the appearances of deaf interpreters in the 18th-century proceedings. Abstract/Muse access.

And some picks from news sites:

Old Bailey opens its unseen files (Observer)

Rush to search Old Bailey records of criminal trials (Times Online)

Global witness: Grim classics of Old Bailey go on internet (Yorkshire Post)

When hanging was too good for some (BBC magazine)

Booze, betrayal and death: tales from NZ’s past (NZ Herald)

Criminal historians crash London web site archive (Bloomberg)

In praise of… The Old Bailey (Guardian editorial)

London’s Old Bailey criminal court puts archive online (AP)

In the dock, and on the web (The Economist)

The dead shouldn’t have the last word (Independent)

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