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Recently noted around the web

What I’ve been reading online lately… Hearty mushroom soup recipe  liked this one Lentils with chorizo & red wine recipe  mmmmmmmmmm…. Medieval Parking Fines  a not entirely idiotic analogous use of 'medieval' in the news? Got Medieval is stunned. The Ebb and Flow … Continue reading

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Old Bailey update: in the blogosphere

The trickle of new posts appearing in my feeds seems to have pretty much dried up now, so this is probably the final final update of links. (But if you’ve seen anything interesting by bloggers that I’ve missed, leave a … Continue reading

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No more whigs?

New frocks for judges. The update’s only taken 3 centuries! (Whatever would Bloody Jeffreys say?) Update: mind you, as The Little Professor has just reminded us, academics are in no position to laugh at judges for wearing silly outfits that … Continue reading

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It was all going so well

And then the BBC went and did a piece on their website with the title ‘Great-Granddad was a killer’. Oh, and there was a rave review on Radio 4 at the weekend (on Saturday Review; it’s on Listen Again).* clunk… … Continue reading

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New resources for making digital history

Bill Turkel (who I get to meet in July!), has published The Programming Historian as an open access e-book. (Gavin Robinson, who actually is a programming historian, recommends it.) And another resource you’ll want to have close at hand if … Continue reading

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Appalling, awful, terrible news

No, not Mayor Boris. That’s just absurd. No, this is the shocker I discovered yesterday: Mel Gibson is to star in a movie remake of Edge of Darkness.

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Recently noted around the web

What I’ve been reading online lately… Charles Tilly, May 20, 1929 – April 29, 2008  personal memories of Charles Tilly Old Bailey opens its unseen files  nice feature on the project in The Observer Observer Food Monthly April 2008  a special anniversary edtion: … Continue reading

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Law and Disorder in Early Modern Wales

I haz a shiny book! Publisher’s catalogue. (Amazon UK; Amazon US) There’s summat curious going on here – the publisher’s told me that the price is £45 (which is probably what I’d expect – the Amazon UK price is £46.99), … Continue reading

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