Momentous Changes

And so I’ve been in my job for long enough (it doesn’t feel like it) for Something Very Major to be happening. You may find out for yourself tomorrow, if you happen to be visiting the right corner of the internet (I shan’t be more explicit since the ‘real’ launch, with press releases and all that stuff, doesn’t happen for a couple of weeks yet).

People don’t like change. Or, certainly, they don’t like badly managed change. Or change that seems to be purely change for change’s sake; ‘rebranding’, when everyone liked the old brand perfectly well. And they really don’t like change that takes away their favourite stuff and fills up the screen with stuff they don’t recognise in its place.

Fingers crossed that we haven’t committed too many of these sins.

Oh well. The next few weeks should be interesting, at any rate.

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5 Responses to Momentous Changes

  1. Janice says:

    Took a look through yesterday and things look nice with the upgrade (including the ability to generate charts). Congratulations, if that’s not premature!

  2. Kristine says:

    You’ve made me very curious. If you mean what I think you mean, the change is certainly momentous at the moment ;-) I hope things are up and running soon – will take another peek later today!

  3. Kristine says:

    In one word – beautiful!

  4. Gill Spraggs says:

    Ordinary accounts from 1690! Old Bailey Online, I love you!

    (And you’ve saved me a special trip to Manchester.)

  5. Sharon says:

    On the Ordinary’s Accounts, there will be a few more to come in the next few months: post-1690, there are a few gaps, which we’re working to fill. Before 1690, well, we messed up a bit. We were supposed to do them, but we got things a bit confused with the other project, which has a start date of 1690. Oops. Once those are all done, it should be a complete archive of all known surviving Accounts (from the 1670s to 1770s). In one place, fully searchable, and with links to the relevant trials. Is that cool or is that cool?

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