Just wait till Be Broadband gets to my local exchange

For the last dunno how many years, I’ve been sending emails from my various personal and domain email addresses using my BTYahoo account as my outgoing server. In the last week or so, I’ve started having difficulty doing this, and getting an error message (not all the time, oddly enough) when I try to send out mail.

It turns out that BT has (without telling anybody) changed the account settings so that you have to verify each individual mail address you want to send mail from. Which is irritating enough, but the fucking verification process doesn’t work properly. With one address it didn’t even send the verification email; with another it sent it and I clicked on the link etc, but still get the message. I’m not the only person having problems.


(Update: it seems possible that the verification thing works, but only to let you send mail from the webmail interface, not from an external mail client. Which is even more fucking GRRR.)

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