Sunday digitalia

It’s argued that that computer literacy in schools should mean more than word processing. (And the kids are well ahead of the schools.) What would a digitally literate UK entail?

There are four million bloggers in the UK. (Recently, I confess, I’ve been feeling a bit ambivalent about the unstoppable march of The Blog. OK, I was never quite one of those blog evangelists whose mantra was: EVERYONE MUST BLOG!! It was more like Wow! Isn’t this exciting! Think of the possibilities! And then everyone did. It was fun in 2005 being the Brave Band of Beleaguered Bloggers vs the Doubting Tribbles and the Establishment. Now the Establishment has not only a blog but also a Facebook profile and an eye-torturing MySpace page. Harrumph.)

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4 Responses to Sunday digitalia

  1. Your Sister says:

    I have a Facebook profile :D was looking for you earlier but I take it you dont have one ;) I dont have a published blog (well, I do have one but it is on a members only site and I havent used it in aaages) – where do I fit in??? :S

    Oh and I have a MySpace page too but I dont keep that up to date either… and a Bebo…

  2. sharon says:

    Not sure where you fit in, dearest. Especially with a bum that size.

  3. Your Sister says:

    :O how roooood – my bum is not that big these days!!! :P

  4. I thought you might be interested to see a project we are running from Leeds with the Imperial War Museum “Their Past Your Future”, you might have heard of it. We work closely with the Imperial War museum to give young people the chance to report from around the world on issues of conflict.

    The next trip is departing in over a week to Japan, for the anniversary of the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb, their mission is to learn about the devastating effect of the world’s first nuclear strike and to explore the broader Japanese perspective of the Second World War.

    The young people are reporting live to Radiowaves, using mobile blogs, videos and radio, so that people around the world can learn alongside the reporters. Its all rather brilliant.

    Talking about digital natives, blog blog blogging!

    Have a look and let me know what you think…

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