CFP: The Metropolis on Trial

Really, it would be shockingly negligent of me not to plug our project conference here, now wouldn’t it? For all those of you interested in The Old Bailey Online, crime, justice and so on between the 18th and 20th centuries (not just in London – we’re looking out for comparative papers), the project conference will be next July, following the launch of the Proceedings of the Central Criminal Court in 2008.

In addition to the general descriptions in the CFP below, there are a couple of planned panels that might particularly interest you folks.

First, we’d like to have a panel specifically on teaching with the OBP. My friend Chris Williams at OU is in charge of this one: “I’m interested in finding out more about how they have been used, how they could be used, and what’s worked, as well as what hasn’t. The implications of the impact of this kind of resource on teaching might also be worth a look.” You can email him to find out more: Chris.Williams[AT]

We also have in mind a possible panel on digitising history – practicalities and ideas, issues and agendas, whatever. If that interests you, you might perhaps contact Tim Hitchcock (t.hitchcock[AT] for a chat before submitting a proposal.

The Metropolis on Trial
An International Conference at the Open University, Milton Keynes

10-12 July 2008

This conference heralds and celebrates the completion of the Old Bailey online project. From the early summer of 2008 it will be possible to consult at not only the Proceedings of the Old Bailey from 1674 to 1834 but also those of its successor, the Central Criminal Court, from 1834 to 1913. Papers at the conference will draw upon these proceedings, or those of similar courts in other metropolitan centres, to explore aspects of cultural, social or political life from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries.

Clive Emsley, Open University
Tim Hitchcock, University of Hertfordshire
Bob Shoemaker, University of Sheffield

Proposals for papers, not more than 200 words please, should be sent by Friday 7 December 2007, to Sue Watkins, Dept of History, Open University, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, United Kingdom. Email: S.Watkins[AT]

(I’ll be keeping this somewhere near the top of the front page for a few weeks.)

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4 Responses to CFP: The Metropolis on Trial

  1. Chris Williams says:

    Cheers for the plug, Sharon.

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  3. sharon says:

    I’ve just seen a sneak preview of the programme. Looking good.

  4. Chris Williams says:

    About to look better, as well. Watch this space

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