Argentina 34 – France 10

Third place playoffs boring? Not this one.

Tomorrow either England or South Africa will win the Rugby World Cup. But everyone knows that Argentina have been the team of the tournament.

After all, nearly all their players have to earn their living outside Argentina, and they are the only major nation that doesn’t participate in an annual international tournament.

And yet they both started and finished their tournament with crushing wins over the hosts (and winners of the Six Nations for the last two years – in theory, the best team in the northern hemisphere), and tonight they thoroughly deserved their bronze medals. (What a pity they had to play their worst match of the tournament in the semi-final…)

Talk about exceeding expectations. They’ve been terrific.

Saturday update, after the final: Well, that was pants. (If I wanted to watch a ball being kicked up and down a field, I’d be a footie fan.) South Africa just about deserved the win. Yawn.

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One Response to Argentina 34 – France 10

  1. Diego says:

    You’re right Sharon. We are the 3rd. team in the world by the moment, and can’t play the 3 nations or the 6 nations. How do u call that? Discrimination maybe? Thanks for your comment.

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