Spoofing teh Internets

The Internet is now in Handy Book Form!

It’s quite funny too. Mac devotees should check out the Schmapple store.

All products available in these shades:
1. Incredible White
2. Fantabulous White
3. Virginal White
4. Snow White
5. Cyphocilus White
6. Black

(They just forgot to mention that Black costs you an extra 200 quid thank-you-very-much-suckers.)

Also, there probably ought to be some mileage in spoofing WordPress these days. I luv my WP, but is it really necessary to get quite so excited about a new version quite so often? (The last one was in May; there seems to have been a new security update every other week ever since, which doesn’t help that ennui-y feeling.) Is it really that thrilling, Matt dearest? I’m personally raising a shaggy eyebrow at the breathless announcement that they’re dropping a feature (combined link and post categories) that they only introduced nine months ago (and it broke my theme, dammit). And you know, I just can’t get that excited about tags. Am I really the only person left in the universe who doesn’t feel the slightest urge to randomly tag every conceivably significant word or phrase or idea in every bleedin’ post I write? Pfft.

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3 Responses to Spoofing teh Internets

  1. Sharon says:

    Also, since I’m going off on one of my neoLuddite spiels, I just found this comment at CT that articulates precisely why I remain largely indifferent to podcasting, videoblogging, etc.

  2. david tiley says:

    Zactly. Show me a transcript any day. Can you imagine a historian in 200 years time forced to plod through podcasts looking for key data? Dreary, dreary, dreary.

    Then again, I am pessimistically assuming we will not develop decent word recognition software that can automatically reduce EVERYTHING to a transcript. At which point we will drown completely in badly “written” prose.

    I yam still on WP one point something or other.

  3. Sharon says:

    I’m not convinced that WP has developed significantly since 2.0. Akismet needs 2+ and that’s worth having (though more false positives seem to be creeping in lately…), but apart from that I can’t think of any major must-haves. Perhaps it’s just a natural cycle; the youthful radicalism has passed and WP is now settling into stodgy middle age…

    God, just imagine all the inane rambling shite that would appear on blogs if all you had to do was talk into the computer and it’d appear instantly in written form in the text box.

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