Because all the cool dudes do it

Recycling old posts! Why didn’t I think of it before?!

This blog passed its 3rd birthday early in the summer and I didn’t really notice. Tsk. Anyway, I’ve written about 1400 posts in that time, and some of them were quite good. So I’ll re-post a few over the next week or so [requests taken] while I get on with my holiday and important stuff like:

* Reading crime novels.

* Watching Twenty20 cricket (for free on the internet, thanks to P2P). Just don’t mention England.

* Oh, and the Rugby World Cup (christ, ITV’s coverage is crap). Good to see the northern hemisphere doing so well, right? Har har bloody har.

* Watching DVDS: Angel (yay)! Farscape (extra yay, cos’ I didn’t pay anything for it!).

* Heroes on BBC2. Awesome.

* Oh yeah, dealing with the final stages of editing the book manuscript. There is an ominous email in my inbox right now whose title mentions the word ‘index’. I haven’t had the courage to open it yet.

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2 Responses to Because all the cool dudes do it

  1. Matt says:

    Congratulations on passing another milestone — I’m sure that a lot of blogs don’t make it this far. Over the past few years I’ve discovered a few personal favourites in your archives. In particular, many of the items in the PostgradHelp category have come in handy. The posts on doing a PhD in history, funding postgraduate study and research in history, and grantsmanship certainly made deciding to continue with history and (consequently) writing an ESRC proposal a much less bewildering experience. Your series on arson in eighteenth-century London was pretty good too!

  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Matt – glad I could be of help!

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