Who do we think we are?

Tristram Hunt criticises recent history TV programming for becoming too cosy and self-indulgent. The first half of this decade was a great time for history programming in the UK; that has probably peaked now and, yes, there have been a few too many poor reality TV shows. And yet I have no problem with family history having a place in the schedules, and I can’t help feeling that Hunt exaggerates.

He couldn’t be trying to drum up publicity for his new show on the Protestant Reformation, could he?

Update: make sure you read Alun’s post, in which he says everything I thought about Hunt’s article but was too lazy to articulate. It’s great. Also, check out the youtube link. WE ARE HISTORY!!!

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2 Responses to Who do we think we are?

  1. Claire says:

    I really like “Who Do You Think You Are?” I only had the chance to see the Kaplinsky and Hurt episodes, but I found them to be very instructive. When I spoke to people who don’t usually express much interest in history, I found they watched them too. I think Alun’s right when he asks who can be earnest 100% of the time?

    p.s. I’m on a 12 month course and our tutor wants us to keep a blog for the duration. Looks like my shifting and deleting days are over.

  2. Sharon says:

    Good luck with the course!

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