Carnivalesque 30 update

Henrik has posted the latest edition of Carnivalesque at Recent Finds, and for reasons outwith his control, he was unable to include some of the most recent nominations made via the Blog Carnival submissions form. So I’m posting them here as a supplement (with a couple of links I hadn’t got round to sending Henrik).

Van de Venne’s Album posted at Giornale Nuovo

Parish registers: the new novel? posted at Renaissance Lit

The Lost Power Point Slides (Armada Edition) posted at the skwib

August 15: John Metcalf, aka “Blind Jack” (1717-1810) posted at Disability Studies, Temple U.

Martin wants to excavate the Harbour of the Sheaf Kings

From Cardinal Wolsey, some notes on the origins of the Ordnance Survey

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8 Responses to Carnivalesque 30 update

  1. Claire says:

    I’m surfing through the women section on your resources website. Do you know if the 17th-century diary of Joyce Jefferies is online? I looked on Google and Google Books, found a lot of references but no text.

  2. Sharon says:

    Not as far as I know, Clare. I’m not sure, but I don’t think there’s ever been a printed edition either (which makes it less likely to get online).

  3. Claire says:

    There’s an internet project for whoever owns the original manuscript.

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  5. Sharon says:

    Some bad news on the Joyce Jeffreys diary: the VCH for Worcestershire at British History Online says this:

    The diary, extracts from which are printed in Arch. (xxxvii, 189– 223), was burnt in the fire which destroyed the Winnington library at Stanford on Teme.

    (That’s Archaeologia, XXXVII, 1857. I might have to investigate!)

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  7. Henrik says:

    Now that’s a silly trackback!

    The point is that I included your links in the original Carnival post.

  8. Evil Clanger says:

    Regarding Joyce Jefferies (the surname is spelt several ways, as is the family seat, given as Hornecastle in the National Archives will search, ‘Horn-Castle’ by Chambers and ‘Home Castle’ on the family memorial):

    See: A Herefordshire Lady in the Time of the Civil War.

    “Money-Lending in the West Midlands: the Activities of Joyce Jefferies, 1638–49”

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