Firefox is unwell

Oh dear. And after all the nice things I said about Firefox the other day.

So, it’s just crashed twice three times this morning, on top of having to be forcibly restarted twice after freezing up yesterday. (Silver lining: ‘restore sessions’. Up to a point.)


Update: Four times. Re-install?

Further update: Looks like it might be a problem with Zotero (I installed an update yesterday). Uh-oh.

Final update: In the interests of not putting people off The Joy of Firefox (and, truly, it does rock), I don’t think it was a Firefox problem after all. It was just that Firefox was the first application to start crashing. And then everything else was going down like dominoes… So, swivel and point at the damned computer. Some cleaning up and a reboot later, hoping it’s going to be OK. Because the idea of going through all the possible diagnostics to reinstalling the OS does not thrill me. One. Little. Bit.

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2 Responses to Firefox is unwell

  1. Ralph Luker says:

    If you can believe it, I just downloaded Firefox for the first time yesterday. So far, no problems with it! I don’t have Zotero on the computer. Btw, send me an e-mail. I wrote to you and haven’t heard anything in return.

  2. I too have been having Firefox problems – the latest update refuses to install on my laptop, and it keeps trying to install it. Very irritating.

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