8 thoughts on “My eyes, my eyes

  1. You’re right, it’s awful. I particularly dislike the fact that it’s got nothing to do with London other than being reminiscent of chavish graffiti, and that the 2012 numbering hardly looks like numbers at all. Still, the humorous ‘£400,000 for that!? Here’s what I did in ten minutes…’ gallery on the BBC website might make it all worthwhile. Numbers three and eleven are particularly good.

  2. Read on another forum this morning that the new logo looks like Lisa Simpson ‘doing a Lewinsky’. Ewww. Now I can’t see it in any other way. Have a look at the second gallery on the BBC site too – no 4, We know what we’re doing, gets my vote.

  3. I’ve seen other, um, sexual interpretations too… ‘We know what we’re doing’ is damn funny.

    (More seriously, I really like the idea in #10 on the first gallery too, ADM.)

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