Covering up for the lack of real posts

There are some topics that just never grow stale. What makes the perfect cover version?

So, with a little help from YouTube, five personal favourites for the weekend…

Tainted Love

Comfortably Numb

Money, That’s What I Want

It’s My Party (and I’ll cry if I want to)

Walk On By

What about yours?

(Oh yeah, a holiday bonus: Total Eclipse of the Heart. This one’s all about the performance… and it makes me cry every time.)

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7 Responses to Covering up for the lack of real posts

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  2. Bill Tozier says:

    Mine is also Tainted Love. But Coil’s version, which is a cover of the Soft Cell version as far as I can tell.

  3. ADM says: Just because it’s Easter and, well, there are eggs and singing chicks, and I now am grabbing for my Scissor Sisters!

  4. ADM says:

    Oh — and one of my fave covers. Really.

  5. ADM says:

    Also (not procrastinating, me!) Try the Kiki and Herb “Total Eclipse” … The Westlife one makes me so glad they never really hit it big in the states — I know so many adolescent girls who would have been soooo into them!

  6. david tiley says:

    Be careful! If you come across this unawares, you could wet yourself –

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