History Carnival 51

History Carnival ButtonThe 51st History Carnival has been posted at A Don’s Life. It’s a great edition, ranging from the Spartans to the abolition of the slave trade to the madness of Foucault, with some sex thrown in for good measure.

The next Carnival will be hosted by Jeremy Boggs at Clioweb on 1 May. It’ll be our first monthly edition, so do please try not to forget about sending in nominations! Either email jboggsATgmuDOTedu or use the submission form.

And from now on the Carnival has a new homepage and blog for announcements at http://historycarnival.org, with its own RSS feed. You’ll also be able to get Carnival news at the History Carnivals Aggregator (feed). And you can get the Carnival feed in the sidebar on the right. But there will be much less Carnival stuff on this ‘ere blog from now on. (Which means that it’ll either die a death or I’ll be motivated to fill in the gaps with other stuff…)

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2 Responses to History Carnival 51

  1. david tiley says:

    Ah, there was a time when I would rush eagerly to your site.. then again, there was a time when people would rush eagerly to mine. I happen to rather like the world you opened to me, but reality doth intrude, sadly.

    The odd titbit from you would be pretty nifty.

  2. Sharon says:

    Ah, thank you. I liked those days too. It was fun! Well, I’ll just have to see what I can do…

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