More History Carnival news

History Carnival Button1. Right, you know the drill! The next History Carnival will be hosted on 15 February by Martin at Aardvarchaeology. (I’d like to call this a coup – a history carnival sneaks into the Science Blogs empire! – but this was set up when Martin was still at his old Blogspot site.)

Email nominations for recently published posts about history (a historical topic, reviews of books or resources, reflections on teaching or researching history) to arador[at]algonet[dot]se, or use the submission form provided by Blog Carnival.

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2. Gavin Robinson is planning to set up a Military History Carnival and looking for feedback and suggestions:

Military will be defined as broadly as possible. It includes all levels of armed conflict — there will be no rigid definition of what is and isn’t a war. At the risk of offending latin purists, military will include navies and air forces as well as armies.

Within these limits anything goes. I don’t want any artificial division between academic and non-academic, amateur and professional, or traditional and new. Weapons, tactics, strategy, uniforms, insignia, equipment etc are all interesting and important, and so are relationships between war and society, culture, race, gender, sexuality, disability, and the non-human. Preparations for and aftermaths of wars are as significant as the wars themselves. Representations of war in literature, films, TV, games etc are just as valid objects of study as empirical evidence of reality.

The object is neither to glorify nor condemn war, but to see it as in integral part of history which needs to be better understood.

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