Milking dairy farms dry

This is the real cost of that cheap milk in the supermarket.

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2 Responses to Milking dairy farms dry

  1. It’s the same here. The big conglomerates, who get the ginormous subsidies, just snap them all up. It’s one of the reasons I’m happy to pay twice the price (well, not happy, but you know) for milk.

  2. noreen wainwright says:

    i am married to a dairy farmer – currently being paid about 17pence to do all that is involved in producing a litre of milk…beleve me a lot of work 7 days a week and worry when cows are unwell, or having difficulty having calves. We make no profit. the supermarket make 15 pence profit on a litre of milk. So, Sharon, nice as it is of you to say so, you do not need to pay more…there just need to be some fairness in how what you pay is distributed…too much greed involved, just think how many millions of litres the supermarkets sell every day.

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