Upgrading bollox

So I upgraded to WordPress 2.1. All went fine (and like the look of some of the new features!), except that it would have been nice to have been warned that the upgrade would automatically renumber all my blogroll/link categories (appending them to the main categories series, which presumably is meant to streamline the database tables a bit). So, you know, it all ended up a bit broken on the pages where I’ve specified which link categories are to be displayed where and I didn’t know why. (Fixed now.)

Update: well, I discovered today that my old miniblog plugin doesn’t work properly in 2.1 (it’ll display existing posts, but something’s jiggered in the editing page so I can’t add any new ones), and I don’t think it’s being supported any more. So rather than fart about looking for a replacement plugin – and the miniblog was never entirely satisfactory anyway – I’m trying a different way of making quick ‘n’ dirty announcements posts. Some of you might have noticed the News page, which used to list entries from the miniblog and also aggregates stuff from various announcements blog and other site feeds – early modern-related conferences and seminars, CFPs, items in the news, that kind of thing. I’ve now set up a new blog purely for this purpose, Early Modern News, and added it to that page. (WordPress bloggers who want to know how to do this kind of thing: you can use WP’s own rss-functions code, or there are various plugins.)

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2 Responses to Upgrading bollox

  1. Jeremy says:

    This is nice to know, though unfortunate that it happened. Has there been any discussion of this problem in any of the WordPress forums?

  2. Sharon says:

    There were a few blogroll-related queries yesterday – I don’t think any of them were exactly my problem, but the answers helped me to work it out. (Which is sometimes the way with the WP forums.) But it’s surely going to come up.

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