Carnivals of the Ancients

Posted: one specially for the archaeologists and anthropologists, the 7th edition of Four Stone Hearth is up at Aardvarchaeology. Lots of good things from your genial Scandinavian host Martin (who will be hosting a History Carnival in the next month or two).

Coming up: Tony Keen will be hosting an Ancient/Medieval Carnivalesque at Memorabilia Antonina on or about 25 January. You can submit nominations of blog posts from the last couple of months on anything to do with ancient or medieval history using the submission form at Blog Carnival, or by sending an e-mail to keentony AT hotmail DOT com.

* * *

Speaking of History Carnival hosting… I’m on the lookout as usual, for hosts, from mid-March onwards. The Carnival has been all around the world in the last few months, and the diversity has been great – academics, non-academics, even people in English departments. But there has been one notable absence: where are all the women? We haven’t had a female host since August, and there’s only one on the list for the next couple of months. And I know you’re out there!

So as usual, if you’re interested, email me:

* * *

PS: I only just caught this: the latest edition of the Science blogging carnival, the Tangled Bank, has an 18th-century history of science theme.

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