“I’m dying…”

While I’m still honking hysterically from the previous scene. Sadly, looks like it’s our last dose of Green Wing (repeated tonight on More4 thankfully, since the first showing while was while I was staying with my parents who don’t like these “modern” comedies… Bless).

Anyway, it’s that yummy-new-schedules time-of-the-year again! So, don’t try to get hold of me at:

Sunday/Monday 9pm: Waking the Dead. TV doesn’t get much funnier (unintentionally, I mean) than this.

Monday 10pm: ER. Yeah, it’s a bad habit after all these years. What is it about fake blood and guts?

Tuesday 9pm: The OC. They killed off Marisa! Huzzah!

Tuesday 10pm: Shameless. Yay yay yay! Even if it isn’t as good as the first two series, who cares? It’s still better than 98% of everything else on the telly.

Wednesday 10pm: Desperate Housewives. Looking very promising, what with Kyle MacLachlan being sinister ‘n’ all. (But does clash with the repeat of The Thick of It, which I also missed last week. [What’s this I hear about iPods?] Will have to work this out.)

Friday 9.30pm: Ugly Betty. Yep, I was sceptical. But this is shaping up to be deliciously wicked stuff.

A few burning questions. When is Life on Mars back? Sarah Jane (please nicely Auntie Beeb)?

Oh, and there is an outside possibility I might watch the odd minute or two of Celebrity Big Brother. If only because it’s bloody hard to avoid.

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